Never Assume Anything!

noun: assumption; plural noun: assumptions; noun: Assumption
1. A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

Submitted for your perusal. The call recording you are about to hear is a call I had with a telephone sales rep the other day. This call recording sheds light on a common mistake many salespeople make when they speak to prospects on the phone - they make “assumptions”. The sales rep you are about to hear assumed I knew what he was talking about.
What the heck is OSHA? Do I need one?

“Assumptions” are usually wrong as this salesperson clearly demonstrates. Because I didn’t understand what this sales rep was talking about I decided to offer some advice, thus creating a fine Gold Call Lesson on how to avoid making “assumptions” on sales calls to prospects. Enjoy…

Click below to playback the call ⬇: