Can't Get Your Foot In The Door?

One reason why you’re not getting your foot in the door is because you're having trouble making spontaneous conversation with complete strangers like sales prospects.  I know, you think you’re terrific, but your prospects think otherwise - really.

Years ago I began taking a completely different approach when speaking with gatekeepers and sales prospects. In my mind I’ve got nothing to lose by calling, and I always expect rejection and some degree of resistance in advance. You might say that I’m a worst case scenario player. Whenever I make a cold call to a sales prospect I expect the worst outcome and hope for the better. - when something good happens I’m pleasantly surprised. 
I manage to stay even-keeled with prospects on the phone because I stick to a planned framework of making conversation with both gatekeepers and sales prospects. My conversations avoid the ad hoc “sales talk” and they place more of an emphasis on getting to the point and asking prospects the key business questions that make it easier for prospects to tell me truth.
If you can handle the truth - you will pursue it.

The following recorded phone conversation you are about to hear is a call I made to a company president to see if I can get a scheduled sales call to the calendar on behalf of my client. First, I encounter the “gatekeeper” and you will hear me apply a sense of humor to get my call transferred to Natalie - the company president. When Natalie answers the phone I then try to build some rapport and then move the conversation to main reason I’m calling. (Listen to Natalie’s tone of voice and response to my call - what does it tell you?)

I wish I could say that I landed the sales appointment, but that’s NOT the reason why I’m submitting this post for your perusal. How you get to “No” in conversation has a lot to do with how you get to “Yes”.
Making good conversation and ‘breaking the ice’ with gatekeepers and sales prospects is an art form. In business today you don’t make sales calls you perform them! Your mastery of performing spontaneous conversation will take you places in business you never dreamed of.
So… Dare to be different - you’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose!

Click below to playback the call ⬇: