Sales Humor - Leaving a Voice Mail Message w/ God's Help...

I don’t know whether it’s happened to you, but it’s sure happened to me more times than I care to admit. I schedule a phone call with a sales prospect and they don’t show up.
Being the persistent one, I call back a few days later and I speak to the prospect that “jilted me” and I hear a familiar excuse, “Sorry about that. Let’s re-schedule” So we re-schedule... 

On the second time around my prospect does it to me again, and doesn’t show up for the call. I leave a message, but my call is not returned.

Rather than get mad, I call back a few days later and speak to the prospect that “left me at the altar”. He again apologizes and suggests we re-schedule. On the appointed day and time it happens again - my prospect is a "no-show". I guess three times a 'charm' so I call a day or two later and we re-schedule.
Today it happened again - my prospect was a ‘no-show’. Now I'm seeing 'red'.

So this time I leave another message for my ‘no-show’ prospect that's sure to get his attention, and this time I’m not pulling any punches. After all, what have I got to lose?

I’m not holding my breath waiting for him to call back, but I do think my chances are better this time around that he will call back.
What do you think? Will my prospect call me back after hearing my unusual voice mail message? Listen to my recorded message below and you tell me...

Click below to playback the call ⬇: