Crazy Eddie Antar - Marketing Genius...

Crazy Eddie Antar died this past Saturday at age 68. Younger people may not recognize the name Crazy Eddie or Eddie Antar, but in the late 1970’s and into the 80’s everyone knew Crazy Eddie. His commercials were on TV every single day and his prices were IN-SAAAANE!!

Crazy Eddie was an electronics retail chain in New York City and sold the same consumer electronics as just about everyone else, but Eddie Antar launched a marketing blitz that crushed the competition with his creative genius - enter former WPIX-FM radio host Jerry Carroll - a.k.a. TV pitchman. 

Jerry Carroll’s ranting and raving about appliances and whatnot, and his absolute guarantee that Crazy Eddie will NOT be undersold helped make Eddie Antar a very rich guy. His delivery was priceless!

Crazy Eddie proved forever that what you sell is not as important as how you sell it to the public.