I Like Being Told “NO” - And “NO” I’m Not Crazy…

I heard back from a sales prospect today saying that he wasn’t interested in doing business with me. Why am I not ready to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building? Because I have closure. In my ‘book’ it’s better to know where things stand instead of guessing. 

Sure it hurts at first when I hear prospects tell me “No”, or something to that effect. I’m initially disappointed and at times I feel a sense of failure - but I recover quickly - thanks to the newfound value I discovered being told “No” by a sales prospect. The word “No” can actually be a benefit. 


A quick “No” is a benefit because it will save you time and the cost of accrued frustration. A band-aid hurts a lot less when it is removed quickly. The slow pull of the band-aid hurts like hell. So… if the answer is “No” better to find that out quickly and move on to the next sales prospect instead of slowly grinding your way over time to an eventual “No” you could have gotten weeks ago. Why prolong the ‘suffering’? If it’s going to be a “No” - better to get it over with quickly. Tear off that ‘band-aid’!


Don’t be afraid to seek out a “No” from your sales prospects. I do it all the time and I feel so much better for it, and so will you! 

Having trouble getting an answer from a sales prospect? Try going for “No” and see what happens. No matter the outcome - you’ll feel much better with closure.


Here is a recording of a recent conversation I had with a prospect on the phone that demonstrates a simple sales tactic to help you Go for "NO"!

Click below to playback the call ⬇: