"I Don't Use A Call Script" - Yes You Do!

When asked about Cold Calling and the use of call scripts, many salespeople I speak with tell me that they don’t script their Cold CallsYes they do...

Unbeknownst to many salespeople, they do in fact have a sales call script they use everyday - it's in their head.

While they may not be reading from a written script when calling prospects, they do have a 'script' in mind, and typically say whatever comes to mind when they make a sales call. In other words - they Wing It.


Winging It in conversation with sales prospects is risky and can be dangerous - similar to walking a Circus High-Wire without a net. One false move - lose your balance - and down you go!


If you are Winging It you should be aware of the fact that the first impression you give of yourself to prospects is formed inside of 5-seconds. In a 'blink of an eye' your choice of words and the sound of your voice form the first impression you give to your sales prospects. You need to be careful...

There are NO second chances at making a great first impression!
Saying things like, “Ummm”, “Uhhhh”, "Got a minute"?, talking too fast or talking too much all create the wrong first impression, and confirms to your prospect that YOU are someone to avoid. Is that how you want to be perceived?

Don't Wing It...

Ad-hoc gibberish, improper grammar, incorrect vocabulary, run-on sentences, and closed-end questions ruin your chances of success not long after you say, "Hello, my name is..."


Making direct contact and having meaningful conversations with prospects is hard enough as it is these days without your making it harder on yourself with poorly exected dialogue.

May I suggest that you make a concerted effort to properly calibrate and coreograph how you are speaking to sales prospects? It’s more important to your success than you may think. 
Just because you like how you sound and what you are saying doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else does

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