The Client Corner

Justin Pierick

I'm using the Gold Call tactics I've learned and making sales as a result. I think that the best thing that the Gold Call Training did for me, is that it helped me to simplify my “pitch”. 

Albert Bellington

I purchased your Gold Call Script-Builder Kit as a personal investment to help my Inside Sales team become more efficient and better prepared to increase the number of appointments they set weekly here at Sharp Business Systems in the Office Solutions branch of the Sharp Electronics family tree.

Michael Drapeau


I highly recommend The Gold Call Script. It's been a few years since I began using The Gold Call, and the complete training, coaching and mentoring I've received continues to pay off.

Jibreel Sarij

I have always been challenged to make spontaneous conversation with people, business partners and customers. Thanks to Peter’s Gold Call programs I now feel like I have unleashed the power within. Now that I understand how to calibrate my dialogue and get conversation started, I am less nervous and more relaxed. As a result, I am finding my way into more selling opportunities on a daily basis with The Gold Call.

Mark Schlossenberg


Just wanted to let you know that I got a ton of great knowledge from what you've taught me thus far. I am really excited to learn more about your methods for the Gold Call Script. Definitely a huge eye-opener for me!

Mike Ferry

I purchased Pete’s Gold Call Kit about two weeks ago and I’m amazed by the positive results I am getting with my outbound prospecting campaign. I didn’t expect it would happen so soon. I’ve read countless self-help books, and consider myself to be a good salesperson. However, I found Pete’s Gold Call system to be unlike anything else I’ve experienced in my 25 years sales career. The simple Gold Call dialogue is easy to adopt, and it's made starting conversations with my sales prospects much easier. I feel less anxiety about calling.

John Jackson

I have been applying the Gold Call Script to my outbound prospecting efforts for the past 9 years. I’ve attended plenty of sales training courses and have read plenty of sales books, but nothing compares to the real world analysis I get from Pete’s Gold Call programs. His Gold Call Recordings with real sales prospects help me ‘mirror’ my speech delivery in ways that help me capture my prospects attention right away. I've become a master of making great first impressions!

Ian Spandow

I hired Pete back when I managed new hire sales training for Oracle. His call recordings are not only entertaining - they teach salespeople how to instantly command the respect and attention of  sales prospects, even the overly agressive ones!
I highly recommend Pete’s Gold Call program to anyone looking for a uniquely effective way to pursue excellence in business.

Orion Grove

I have to say, Pete! The little you taught me has impacted me greatly!
I booked 6 demos today!  3 showed up today and others next week!
You're truly an inspiration and a game-changer! I look forward in learning more from you!

Mike Faith

I love your organized approach to training our inside salespeople. The Gold Call program has been a boon for our sales team, something we should have done years ago. Your methods have reinvigorated our team to work more diligently. Glad we are having you work with us.