The Client Corner

The Client Corner

Rusty Palmer

Peter - I find your content and programs to be a breath of fresh air. The Gold Call Recordings and subject matter are ‘spot on’, and the quality of the information you provide is impressive to say the least. I am thrilled with the relevance of your program that puts things in perspective. Your encouragement, and your ability to keep things real will surely help attribute to one's success.  You call them like you see them, your willingness to share your experience with others is a gift that many of us in the sales world gladly receive.

Joe McIntosh

I’ve been working with Pete for the past 7-8 years.  Pete is by far the most competent professional I know at gaining buyer attention over the telephone, qualifying a prospect/customer and securing a next step in the sales process.  My personal outreach efforts have consistently been above par as a result of working with Pete.  I’ve sold professional services, software, SaaS and DaaS.  The telephone qualification process I’ve become accustomed to via Pete is simple, POWERFUL and effective.

Tom Kim

I am one of your many subscribers to your Gold Call workshops & lessons. It has helped me get started in this new career in sales, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I am sincerely grateful to have come across your lessons and expertise in cold calling. The Gold Call has helped me to speak with confidence and get my foot in more doors and on to closing more sales!

Ellis Nash

When I decided to become a financial advisor & planner I knew that it was going to take me some time and perseverance in order to build my book of business. Thank goodness I came across the Gold Call Script. The Gold Call Script has certainly helped me to get my foot in the door and has given me the ability to find new clients and accelerate the growth of my business.

Bill Kliskey

I can’t say enough good things about Pete Ekstrom’s Gold Call programs.

I purchased his Script Builder Kit, and almost immediately I starting closing more sales appointments to my calendar. Once I realized that I was saying the wrong things to prospects on the telephone, I understood that saying less to prospects puts a stop to their attempts to brush me off the phone, and helps me get my foot in the door more often.

Chet Holland

Fellow cold callers, I come bearing good news, Pete Ekstrom’s Gold Call Script is working for me!

I have been cold calling for ten years now. I have also been successful with my own technique or style. That said, being the student that I am, I’m always looking to improve my skill-set; think “Strengths-finder” here.

I discovered Pete the Gold Caller on a webinar and as he sounded uniquely polished in his approach, I decided to buy his program the following day. Two weeks later, I can report that I’ve scheduled 17 meetings in 6 days calling on CEOs.