Gold Call Recordings & Testimonials



Tim Feldman

I've doubled my number of new appointments after purchasing the Gold Call Script-Builder Kit. The simple dialogue relieves the pressure of making cold calls. Well worth the investment in every way.

Timothy Feldmann – President & CEO ~ Value Added Voice

Barbara Barker

The Gold Call Script is truly one-of-a-kind. The most intuitive sales tool I’ve experienced in over 25 years of direct sales experience. A real winner!

Barbara Barker – Sales Consultant ~ Progressive Consulting

Frances navarez

If your firm is looking for some creative selling techniques, more in-person appointments, referrals and closures; I highly recommend the Gold Call Script-Builder for your company. Pete’s Gold Call Script and consulting services have increased our firm’s sales revenues by over 35%. YTD.

Frances Navarez - President & CEO ~ PowerUp, Inc.

Richard Geremia

I’ve worked with Pete since 1997, and he is by far the best I’ve seen at prospecting over the phone. The Gold Call Kit is an innovative sales tool whose time has come.

Richard Geremia – President ~ 20/20 Monitoring Solutions

Patrick Finnegan

Peter’s Gold Call Script has been instrumental in helping us to find new sales training opportunities and drive new business. His call recordings with sales prospects help our clients to better understand the power of effective communication.

Patrick Finnegan – Market Director ~ Dale Carnegie Training

Jim Collins

Pete is the best at ‘gold calling’ bar none. His Gold Call programs are a great resource for those in sales that need to schedule more sales meetings on their calendar. The Gold Call is easy to use, highly intuitive, and a great way to fill the sales pipeline with new business opportunities. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Jim Collins – Sales Director ~ CDW

Jerry Porter

Pete reported to me during my tenure with Hummingbird Software. His ability to get sales appointments with top line executives in the financial services industry was nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend his Gold Call programs to anyone looking to book more appointments with decision-makers.

Jerry Porter – Sales Director ~ Pitney Bowes

Bill Killskey

I was talking to a prospect on the phone today, and he stopped me in mid-sentence to say, “I like your approach. You’re one of the best vendor calls I’ve ever had!” Before the Gold Call, I never got positive comments from prospects about my approach.  Now, I've been called 'perfect' by one and 'best vendor call ever' by another...Wow!

Bill Kliskey – CEO ~ Five Star Ally, Inc.

Victor Taruch

I attended your sales training at Oracle HQ a couple of months ago. During the training you introduced the “Gold Call”. I have been using your methodology with great success. 70% of the time I am either referred to the correct contact or book the appointment. I now spend less time prospecting with greater results!

Victor Taruch – Account Manager ~ Oracle

Tom Hueves

I've got to give it to you: I’ve increased my callback ratio by 15-20% and just found 2 new opportunities yesterday using my 'Lemonade Statement'. I am confident that your Gold Call Script will continue to help me achieve my targets.

Tom Heuves - Business Development Consultant ~ Oracle EMEA Ltd.

Montana Killmer

The Gold Call Script is amazing. Your call recordings with REAL sales prospects really helped me to adapt the Gold Call to my specific business.

Montana Killmer – Account Executive ~ DataStax

Larry Lumerman

Consider yourself a friend for life! Best $250 I ever spent, but the best part is your complete down to earth approach and confident power you exuded from the first moment I heard you speak on the recordings...

Larry Lumerman - Mgr. Telesales ~ Park Surgical Co.

Chet Holland

I’ve been working with Pete’s Gold Call Script for nearly two years now. The Gold Call simplifies what it takes to get prospects to listen up and pay attention. I now have more sales leads and qualified deals in my pipeline every quarter.

Chet Holland – National Account Manager ~ OnCallTelecom International

Ian Spandow

I worked with Pete’s Gold Call Script at Oracle, and the results were almost instantaneous. We did a pilot program, and within a month one of our inside business development reps closed a $425K hardware sale, and credited the Gold Call Script for getting him in the door. Great return on investment.

Ian Spandow – Director of Training & Development ~10Gen

Joe McIntosh

Pete, Your Gold Call Script is amazing! The Script-Builder Kit makes it easy for me to craft my words carefully, and speak them with confidence. I am now producing more sales leads, and closing more deals. The fear is gone!

Joe McIntosh - Sales Director ~ ConnectandSell

Austin Tenette

Prior to taking your course I struggled with cold calling on a daily basis. Within a couple of weeks of working with the Gold Call Script-Builder my abilities to converse with prospects has increased significantly. The Gold Call Script works! My sales pipeline has doubled!

Austin Tenette - Business Development ~ Ernst & Young